Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 November

hallo my buddies ! ^_^

Today is 30 Nov 2011. yeah ! everyone knows that..
but it just a date on wednesday its mean today and nothing important to you, right ? haha~
its not for my family n me..
today is ibu birthday..and i'm the first person who wished to ibu last night, actually it was abah..hehe~
should i give ibu a present? should i?
of course bongok ! dush @_@
why im not so lucky today? my savings doesn't enough to buy some present, uh !
nvermind, you know what..abah is the first wisher n he also the first person who give ibu a present..
what was the present?? haha~
jeng~jeng~it was a kiss, oke there is nothing sensored act..hehe~
biasa kot nme lg suami isteri fact im so jealous @_@  rse mcm tak sabar lak nk kawen..
hahaha~ stupido girl ! 
mlm nie kot celebrate..abah ler tu nk blanja ibu..
klau org yg kapel cmne agaknya dyorg smbut ep? hehe~ sje nk tau..sbb kte tak de pngalaman kot..
bleh la nk smbut ngn buah hati jgn ler lbeyh2 an..
opps ! asal lak kuar psal nie? eh, lantak dyorg la, dyorg pnye hidup.. hurm..
(cemburu, coz tak pena smbut ngan boyfie ~_~)  =P

oke lar...aien nk troskan hobi aien, iaitu tngok tv ! haha~ 

~nukilan si budax techip agak serabai~

wishing you a day
as sunny as your smile
as warm as your heart
a day as wonderful as you are
kakak love ibu so much
may Allah bless ibu
a strength to hold your responsible as His slave
ibu is the most perfect mother in the world 
with love---> your daughter <3

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